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DonorBOO$T® has three separate parts. Each is a standalone unit, but for maximum benefit can be combined.

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Donor Management Software

First is the Donor Boo$t software powered by RhinoFit. The software addresses five areas imperative to creating long-term, deep relationships with donors.

  1. Communication
    The software allows for email and text messaging. You can set up Standard messages for automatic distribution both on an individual basis and a group basis. Your brand is paramount to you. You built a website hoping to attract followers and find others who share your passion. Our website integrations help to attract more traffic and expand your brand awareness. We support you!
  2. Events
    The software allows for scheduling events. Whether large or small, events help bring like-minded supporters together. Those who feel passionate about your cause can now gather and share their interest.
  3. Payment Processing
    The software allows for all types of payment processing, one-time transactions, recurring transactions, retail, and online transactions for both credit cards and ACH.
  4. Campaigns
    Campaigns are projects or fundraisers for a specific purpose. A campaign may also be a plan you establish to achieve your commitment level for a donor.
  5. Rewards
    Rewards can take many forms. People who feel passionate about your cause may not be motivated by rewards, but we are looking to develop long-term relationships. Sometimes you must give a little to get a lot. Making the donors feel appreciated is always a win.
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Donor Processing

Secondly, we can do all types of payment processing even without the software. Our non-profit rates are Interchange (all the fees and assessments charged by the card companies) + 0.07% + 0.07 +7 dollars a month. You’ll be hard-pressed to find lower rates anywhere else.

We also provide a free-of-charge statement analysis. If you give us a merchant statement, we will review it in detail to find savings. We’ll be able to estimate the amount you will save with our low rates.

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Merchant Donor Network

The third piece to Donor Boo$t involves rewards. Imagine being able to give back to those merchants you rely on over and over. Refer them into your Donor Boo$t network – we promise to save every merchant money on their credit card processing.

Picture referring your donors to your network of VIP merchants. The goal is to build long-lasting, deep relationships. Your merchants and donors will enjoy knowing the network will support your cause because DonorBOO$T® returns up to 40% of revenue into the community, such as annual gifts, grants, and monthly recurring donations.

Every time your donors shop at your VIP merchants, they are supporting your cause. Every time your merchants give an incentive to your donors to shop, they are supporting your cause. At GMS, we like to say we build stronger communities, one transaction at a time!

In the past 12 months, GMS and its affiliates have donated over $85,000 to various non-profits. Since 2014, GMS has helped its non-profit clients raise almost 150 million dollars for their causes.

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