Get Access to our Powerful Fundraising Tools

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In addition to our network giving program, we also offer some other powerful fundraising tools so that you can accept your donations on your website, by email, or at a fundraising event. Never miss a donation again! 

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Mobile Giving

Accept donations anywhere, anytime with our mobile giving solution. Simply key-in or swipe your donor's card information and send a receipt by email or text . Our mobile solution is compatible with most Android and Apple devices.

Online Giving

Use our online giving solutions to sell things like event registrations, raffle tickets, or t-shirts on your website or shopping cart. Easily create Donate Now buttons or use our online portal to simplify your donation collection process. 

Email Giving

Collect donations effortlessly with our email-giving solution. With a magic button embedded in the emails, you can easily create donor campaigns and attract more potential supporters. Put together a simple email newsletter for your cause and collect donations like never before!

Sustained Giving

Retain & grow your donor base with our sustained giving program. Easily accept monthly recurring credit cards or ACH donations through your website or online portal.

Start meeting your organization's fundraising goals today!